Gwen Baldock

Fireflies Under the Magic Tree.jpg

I paint with dyes and resist on a silk canvas, blending pattern with picture in order to express the essence and energy of the place, or form. The contrast of texture and movement intrigues me, as silk painting’s unique character is both fluid and still.

After living in Europe, 18 years in the Pacific Northwest, and now Texas, I like to accentuate the richness of different landscapes, and wildlife with the merging of color and flow, to illustrate the nature of what is seen and felt. Whether I’m painting landscapes of the US or Europe, or anything else, I hope to be able to convey the joy I experience, in witnessing, experiencing the moment, and share the sense of awe and discovery, wherever I am.

Jan Brieschke


Art is my passion...

Art has been my life-long passion and obsession.  I spent my youth in the suburbs of Chicago, drawing and painting for hours at a time.  I have taught art for over 20 years in both public and private schools in Del Rio and Houston, Texas, as well as the former Crown Colony of Hong Kong.  My work can best be described as semi-abstract contemporary painting.  I call it "Fractured Light."


Nancy Brown




Strong and interesting composition is my driving force. I love to play with color and a variety of media and subject matter. I love experimenting and playing with different techniques, but I always strive to have a compelling design.

I paint and teach in my home studio in Georgetown, Texas where I share the space with my husband, Jim and my friendly mutt, Callie.

Phone: 512-869-7790

email: nanbrown55@gmail .com


Phillip G. Brown

Photographic Art



Phillip G Brown Photography

I reckon I’ve longed to hold a camera for as long as I can remember. I am Phil Brown, Photographer, a natural-born Texan. I love Texas—its flowers, landscapes, buildings, and history. I relish every bluebonnet in a secluded field, every battle-weary stone in the Alamo, and every dusty trail where our ancestors tamed this land.

Beauty in ordinary things fascinates me. The compelling image that hides in not-so-compelling surroundings takes hold of me. When you view my art, I want you to say, “I wish I had seen that,” and thus be inspired.

If my photography makes you want to see what I saw with my eyes or with my heart, I have succeeded.

My Facebook page: Facebook

Susan Costa

Mixed Media



Captivated by design, form, and texture, motivated by beauty to nourish the soul, Susan Costa enjoys crisp, energetic, gestural strokes and is drawn to layering techniques in mixed media. She works in various mediums including acrylic, gouache, plaster, and collage. By experimentally combining different mediums and techniques they frequently erupt with some refreshing effects which sometimes include hand calligraphy. Sue also works in oil paints “en plein air” as well as studio works.

You can contact Susan via email at To see more of her works please visit her website.


Ralph Cox

Woodturner of Nature’s Hues

Woodturner of Nature’s Hues

I have been working with wood since receiving a Dremel scroll saw when I was 12 years old.  My earliest “shop” was a 2’ x 4’ plywood workbench my father made for me under the garage window.  My wood came from discarded fruit crates found behind the nearby Safeway store. 

Much later, in the early 1980’s, I “discovered” hand turning wood on a lathe.  I turn a variety of naturally-colorful woods – Mesquite and Osage Orange (“bodark” in Texas) from the USA and Cocabola, Bubinga, Padauk, Bocote, Pau Amerello, Amaranth, Ebony and others from abroad.   

Many of nature’s trees display a variety of complimentary, analogous and other color relationships.   The yellow sapwood of Central Texas' Honey Mesquite contrasts very nicely with its orange-brown heartwood. Likewise, Mexico's Bocote intermixes yellow and dark brown together in the heartwood and Cocabola’s heartwood intermixes a kaleidoscope of yellows, oranges and reds on brown with streaks of black or purple.

Working with wood to create artistic pieces connects me with the peace of nature and its beauty.  I hope you find the same sense of peace from my work.



Beverly Dennis

Beverly i s a recent addition to the gallery and Austin. She works in both oil and acrylic and features landscapes. She says,  “My work is always about a ‘sense of place.’ But color is also important. My experience of Texas landscape is still forming. It is grand and wide open. The media I chose has been oil, but even that is changing as I work through some acrylic compositions. That being said, I should probably add the ‘sense of place’ is quickly becoming Texas.”

Beverly is a recent addition to the gallery and Austin. She works in both oil and acrylic and features landscapes. She says,

“My work is always about a ‘sense of place.’ But color is also important. My experience of Texas landscape is still forming. It is grand and wide open. The media I chose has been oil, but even that is changing as I work through some acrylic compositions. That being said, I should probably add the ‘sense of place’ is quickly becoming Texas.”


Donna Dugone

… graduated in 1975 with a B.S. in Music and Christian Ed. fromNorthwest University in Kirkland, Washington. Since that time she has worked as a Music Minister, contract pianist, arranger/composer, as well as a visual artist. Donna started her journey as a visual artist 14 years ago when she discovered art journaling. As a published Art Journalist, Art Journaling has been an integral part of her life. The last two years, Donna has witnessed an expansion of her art journey. She is now selling her art and doing art installation for patrons as well as wall/street art. Her art is diverse in medium and subject, but always includes a cross somewhere in the piece. She readily admits that the cross is the source from which her strength comes. In May, Donna will celebrate her 19-year anniversary as a breast cancer survivor. She feels everyday is a new gift from God and another opportunity to love Him and show His love to others.

Diane Fraser


Art is my passion...

My work is best described as lyrical neglected landscapes alluding to the natural world through flat color planes and geometric forms. I utilize symbols and design elements from iconography, cartography, geology, and architecture. Abstract compositions evolve through a process of constructing and erasing. I am interested in how the effects from climate and man-made structures alter the physical environment I am drawn to vibrant colors which convey how I feel more than what I see. It is my intention to express the poetry, music, and emotion of experiences more than the narrative of events.

“Truth itself has not more truth than this; whatever the art in itself does not contain, the mind imagining, clearly understands.”

Angelo Poliziano, Stanze, Book 1, stanze CXIX/19

Diane Fraser, Leander, TX

Forgotten Gem

Forgotten Gem

Amie Gonser



Since taking a plein air workshop in Taos, NM in summer of 2015, I have been painting landscape both on site and from my photographs.  The urgency of capturing light and shadow within a few hours while painting outdoors is an exciting challenge.  I love being out in the open air, deciding on a subject and creating a composition, then working through a painting to make it all come together into a visually pleasing scene.


Kristine Kainer




Artist Kristine Kainer grew up in a military family and spent her formative years moving to new and diverse locations along the Eastern Seaboard. She graduated from The College of William and Mary with a degree in Art History and high hopes. Unfortunately, job opportunities did not meet her creative goals. Eventually, Ms. Kainer earned her Master’s degree from George Mason University to pursue a career teaching mathematics. It was during this time that she developed a passion for food (especially shellfish) and began to admire the rustic charm and simplicity of life from a bygone era.

In 2003, Ms. Kainer, her husband, and their young daughter moved to rural Texas. There they experienced a slower pace of life while living on a small, weathered, 1920s family farm. During this time, Ms. Kainer’s creative spark was reignited in the form of painting.

Self-taught, Ms. Kainer is now a full-time artist. Her subject matter focuses on her long-time loves: food, seashells, vintage everyday items, and the occasional seascape. Her works are found in both public and private collections nationally and internationally. She and her family currently reside in Georgetown (near Austin) and Schulenburg where they enjoy the urban, suburban, and rural lifestyles of Texas—with, of course, the occasional jaunt to the seaside.

Find more about Kristine on her website:

Ted Keller

Photographic Art



Ted Keller has been photographing God’s handiwork throughout the world for more than 30 years.  His images have been published by: the Austin American Statesman; “Bee Culture” magazine; GAPW, Inc.; “Guestlife Houston” (Desert Publications, Inc.); IBM Corporation; “Nature Photographer” magazine; Paradise Promotions; Reiman Media Group, Inc.; RSI Consulting, Inc.; the Wildlife Trust of North America, Inc.; and World Vision International.  Multiple greeting card vendors have featured Ted’s nature photographs on their products sold in stores throughout Texas since 1995.  Walls of many homes and offices are decorated with enlargements of his work sold on-line, in art/craft stores and at trade fares.  He recently published the inspirational coffee table book: “Fifty Feisty Photos for Daily Encouragement.” 

For more than a decade Ted was a shareholder, teaching assistant, and business officer (serving as President four years) for a leading photography workshop corporation.  In those roles he learned from and photographed beside many of the world’s most renowned nature photographers.  Today, he provides classes and mini-workshops to help others improve their photographic skills.  He especially enjoys working with beginners as a photography “Personal Trainer.”  Ted is an active member of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) and the Williamson County Art Guild in Texas.


Jon Krider


Jon Krider, Landscape Artist:

From a young boy, I have always had a passion for nature. I would spend every free second I had walking the fields and woods around our home in Ohio observing and studying every aspect of nature. When most kids would rush home to play with their friends after school, I would grab my sketchbook and head to the woods to draw the trees, ponds, and little critters that I would see.

In my heart, there is always another painting just around the bend. Often people will ask me, which painting is your favorite? With a smile, I always say, “My Next One!”.



Kathy Miller

Glass and Metal



In Kathy’s artwork, she enjoys telling a story, evoking a memory or creating a feeling. She builds on the three dimensional qualities to draw your imagination into the piece. The layering effects she frequently uses, naturally invites your eye into the discovery process and takes you past the art itself. The movement of fluid lines and organic shapes help to create this expression. She loves to add doorways, arches and trees to create the inviting mystery of the piece.

Touching the clay or hammering the metal or fusing the layers of glass to capture an impression is part of the systemic beauty of the creating process. The possible combinations are endless. Experimenting develops more ideas, which all contribute to the learning process, the fulfillment of a completed piece.

Her process is viewed as a spiritual adventure, which involves waiting for the right ideas to convey the message. Filtering and focus is required to create a unique piece of art. It requires choosing the best technique & deciding on the best medium, but allowing the art to migrate or dictate changes as it develops. Creating art is like a faith journey…the results are never guaranteed, the process is cultivated by trusting and proceeding with what is at hand. Crisis moments, deadlines and desperation prayers all give birth to exciting discoveries & techniques that give a dynamic quality to the pieces of art.

You can reach Kathy by phone at 512-294-9510 or by email at

Shefali O'Hara

Shefali O'Hara lives in Round Rock with her husband, mother and collie dog Annie. She is a cancer survivor. Ten years ago the doctor gave her 6 months to live but she is still going strong. She started painting watercolors in November 2013. She loves the organic, fluid quality of watercolors and the sense of discovery. Favorite topics for her painting include children, animals and nature. There is often a strong touch of whimsy in her work.

Jack Puryear

Photographic Art

Jack & Monica

Jack & Monica

My current medium of choice is photography that is printed via an inkjet printer on film, then the image is transferred to the back of an acrylic sheet which is then copper leafed. Most of my images are landscapes, some of which are virtually painted on the computer before being printed.


Monica Puryear


Monica & Jack

Monica & Jack

My paintings portray personal stories, surreal dreams, fantasies and landscapes. Frequently, I use animals and plants, particularly my own animals in my work. They lend each piece a feeling of intimacy and mystery.

I use vivid colors and rich details of my subjects in the hope of enticing the viewer into the painting to discover and relish the beauty they posses.

Presently, it is my intention to provide the viewer with a respite from the violent imagery that is present in our daily lives, so one may enter a quiet, richly colored world in a moment of intense beauty.

Mark Schaffer

Photographic Art

Based in central Texas, Knowsphotos specializes in outdoor/landscape, architecture and sports photography.

You can see more of Mark’s work on his main website

Gladys Smedley




Seadrift Gardens Pottery

I have lived in Georgetown for over 21 years, and have spent a good portion of those years experimenting in various clay techniques.  Much of my work is a result of altered wheel forms individually created to give each piece their own unique character.

You can contact Gladys via phone at 512-508-3104, or by email at

Her website is

LaWann Tull




My favorite paintings tell a story with whimsy, romanticism and bold color. I paint impressionistically in an Old Master’s technique using multiple thin-layered glazes to achieve inner glow and depth.

I seek light and texture, leaving some areas almost unfinished in order to guide my viewer’s eye toward what I feel is most important in my painting.

I search for inspiration and paint reality how I would like for it to exist.

LaWann’s business is LaWann Tull Fine Arts and you can reach her by phone at 713-725-5266, or by email at

FranSina Young




I paint. I paint everything. I have painted for about 60 years. I also draw, but mainly to use for my paintings. I love color and have been highly influenced by the impressionists and post impressionists. I still don’t have everything  right, but I’m close, and it’s been great trying.

Williamson County Art Guild (WCAG)

Art of all Kinds

The Art Guild

The Art Guild

The Williamson County Art Guild (WCAG) is a group of artists in WilCo  that meets separately from the Gallery Off the Square, but is a member of the Co-op as well. Each month a sample of their artists have the opportunity to display in one of the spaces at the Co-op. A set of recent images are shown here.

You can find more out about the WCAG on their website: