Kathy Miller

Glass and Metal



In Kathy’s artwork, she enjoys telling a story, evoking a memory or creating a feeling. She builds on the three dimensional qualities to draw your imagination into the piece. The layering effects she frequently uses, naturally invites your eye into the discovery process and takes you past the art itself. The movement of fluid lines and organic shapes help to create this expression. She loves to add doorways, arches and trees to create the inviting mystery of the piece.

Touching the clay or hammering the metal or fusing the layers of glass to capture an impression is part of the systemic beauty of the creating process. The possible combinations are endless. Experimenting develops more ideas, which all contribute to the learning process, the fulfillment of a completed piece.

Her process is viewed as a spiritual adventure, which involves waiting for the right ideas to convey the message. Filtering and focus is required to create a unique piece of art. It requires choosing the best technique & deciding on the best medium, but allowing the art to migrate or dictate changes as it develops. Creating art is like a faith journey…the results are never guaranteed, the process is cultivated by trusting and proceeding with what is at hand. Crisis moments, deadlines and desperation prayers all give birth to exciting discoveries & techniques that give a dynamic quality to the pieces of art.

You can reach Kathy by phone at 512-294-9510 or by email at kathy2miller@hotmail.com.