To apply for membership, just fill out this form and send it; someone from the Jury committee should get back to you soon.

Member Privileges and Responsibilities

  • We have two major responsibilities:
    • Artists change out some or all of their art every month, before First Friday.
    • Artists are expected to attend the First Friday events every month.
  • Each artist in the co-op pays rent for their space, which varies somewhat depending on location in the gallery. Rent is paid in advance for a 6 month period. In addition, a $20 hospitality fee is added to the 6 month rent that covers food and drink served at our First Friday events.
  • To help keep GOTS its very best, we are asking you to please sign a check-in sheet with Kimi. If you do not change our your art for two consecutive months or miss three First Friday events in a row without letting someone know (specifically Kimi or another GOTS member to communicate to one of the jury), the Jury Committee will issue an alert to you. If you still are not participating the after the alert/warning, you will be removed from the co-op.
  • If you cannot make it to the gallery to change out your art, you can have another person do your change-out. They must sign the check-sheet with your name and their name on the same line. This should only be another member of the co-op or your spouse for art wall arrangement.
  • You cannot send someone else in your place to First Friday events.
  • There is a one-time $25 initiation fee to help pay for equipment.
  • All members will undergo a jurying before becoming a member. There is no jury fee.
  • Three artists are asked to volunteer to help serve the food and drinks each month on a rotating basis.
  • Each member will do his or her own art hanging or displaying and will change the artwork at least monthly, on his/her own schedule, and during business hours of the Framer’s Gallery.
  • Artists whose artwork is “3-D” will provide their own display stands or cases, subject to the approval of the Operating Committee. Some stands will be available on a first come basis courtesy of the Framer's Gallery.
  • The business of Gallery Off the Square is conducted by members operating as various committees that take on everything from advertising, bookkeeping, jurying, funds disbursements, and interacting with the Framer’s Gallery (acting as landlord). There is no one person in charge.
  • The Gallery Off the Square has its own bank and credit card accounts.
  • There is no scheduled work time required by co-op members; employees of the Framer’s Gallery will transact sales into the Gallery Off the Square’s account. All disbursements to members will be from the co-op.
  • Five percent (5%) of all sales will go to the co-op for sales and administrative support and sale processing. No other commission is withheld.
  • If a purchase is made using a credit or debit card, 5% will be deducted from the proceeds to the artist to cover bank fees to process a credit/debit sale. Amounts in excess of the actual bank fee, will go into the Operating Account of the Gallery Off the Square.
  • Sales tax will be collected at the time of sale and remitted to the selling artist; the payment to the State Tax Commission is the responsibility of the selling artist.
  • If additional fees are needed, they will be shared equally by all members. The Operating Committee will disburse to members any funds in excess of what the Committee considers adequate for operations.

Please fill out the following form to apply for membership. When you click Submit, please wait for the page to refresh; you will see a message at the bottom letting you know it was successful. You should receive a copy of the information in your email. NOTE; if the files you are submitting are large then the submission process might take a while. We really only need something on the order of 1024x1024, which should upload fairly quickly.

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