Ralph Cox

Woodturner of Nature’s Hues

Woodturner of Nature’s Hues

I have been working with wood since receiving a Dremel scroll saw when I was 12 years old.  My earliest “shop” was a 2’ x 4’ plywood workbench my father made for me under the garage window.  My wood came from discarded fruit crates found behind the nearby Safeway store. 

Much later, in the early 1980’s, I “discovered” hand turning wood on a lathe.  I turn a variety of naturally-colorful woods – Mesquite and Osage Orange (“bodark” in Texas) from the USA and Cocabola, Bubinga, Padauk, Bocote, Pau Amerello, Amaranth, Ebony and others from abroad.   

Many of nature’s trees display a variety of complimentary, analogous and other color relationships.   The yellow sapwood of Central Texas' Honey Mesquite contrasts very nicely with its orange-brown heartwood. Likewise, Mexico's Bocote intermixes yellow and dark brown together in the heartwood and Cocabola’s heartwood intermixes a kaleidoscope of yellows, oranges and reds on brown with streaks of black or purple.

Working with wood to create artistic pieces connects me with the peace of nature and its beauty.  I hope you find the same sense of peace from my work.